How Many Types of Free Items You Want to Offer?

Buy One Get One Free  Plugin Woocommerce allows you to set a list of free items your customers can choose from upon meeting your offer conditions.

Let’s say you sell coffee pods. You sell espresso, decaffeinated espresso and ginseng coffee.

You decide to offer a box free upon reaching 10 products in the cart (cart quantity>9).

Your customer buys 6 espresso and 4 decaffeinated espresso.

Buy One Get One Free  Plugin Woocommerce allows you to offer to your customer the choice of which product he wants his free box.

So he’ll be able to choose among a box of espresso or a box of decaffeinated espresso or a box of ginseng coffee.

You can also set different quantities. Here an example:

  • Choice One: 1 box of espresso;
  • Choice Two: 2 boxes of decaffeinated espresso;
  • Choice Three: 3 boxes of ginseng coffee;


Choose Free List from BOGOF menu

Name your freelist then start typing your free product name in the Product field and choose it from the dropdown list generated.

Enter quantity value then click ‘Add’ button to set up your freelist

Start typing in List Name and choose an existing list from the dropdon menu generated

freelist_multipleItems_v2 (5)

Start typing in the product field and choose your free product from the dropdown list generated

freelist_multipleItems_v2 (6)

Enter Quantity and click ‘Add’ button to set.