Set Up two offer types for same product

Buy One Get One Free Plugin Woocommerce will manage both a price offer and a quantity offer for the same product, offering your customers a choice between the two. However, your customers will be able to claim either of the two.

Let’s say you sell coffee pods, and you want to offer a 100 pods box if either your customer buys 10 boxes (cart quantity > 9) or his cart value is greater than 300USD.

In the case your customer will match both criteria (i.e. he buys 15 boxes with cart value > 300USD), Buy One Get One Free will show both buttons with relative freelist.

Your customers will be able to choose only one (either the cart-quantity offer or the cart-price offer).

Important: even if you want to offer the same freelist for both cart-quantity offer and cart-price offer, you must create two distinct freelists with distinct copies of each free product. See example here.