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Yes, we do. We appreciate though if you read our instructions first. You might find out your solution is already there.
No. You must have Woocommerce up and running.
Load Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce in your wp-content/plugin directory through FTP. Then go to the Dashboard->Plugins->Installed Plugins and activate it.
Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce allows you to set up special offers using goods instead of discounts. In this way, you give your customers the chance to try out new products.
However, Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce can also manage discount either by percentage or set amount. With Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce ‘A plus B’ feature, you can link to a product another free item or a discount. When you customer buys the product, the freebie/discount will be instantly added to his cart/applied. Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce can also offer a discount based on Whole Cart Totale or on cheapest/most expensive product.
Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce is designed to allow you to set up offers based on specific product quantity/price and/or cart quantity/price.
Also when a criteria is met, you can set up a list to choose from with specific quantity per free item.
Furthermore you can decide to have a ‘always’ offer (which will be always presented to your customer when your criteria are met) or a ‘unique’ offer (which will be presented to your customer when your criteria are met AND no other offer has been presented).

Create a free item in Woocommerce for each Offer you want to set up (setting price to 0: THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise Woocommerce will give you ‘item unavailable’).

Under ‘Inventory’, check SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. This will disable users to increase freebie quantity once it has been added to the cart.

If you want to offer the same product on different offers, it is recommended to clone up the free item so that Woocommerce manage them as differente items.

Read HERE how to create a free item.

Create Free Lists. You can have lists of one or more items. IMPORTANT: Lists are grouped by name, so be careful to type the same namelist for every article in the group.
Match your Offer criteria with your Free Lists.
Buy One Get One Free plugin Woocommerce will manage both a price offer and a quantity offer for the same product, offering your customers a choice between the two. However, your customers will be able to claim either of the two.

See example here.

You must set up a clone for each free item and match up a offer to a different freelist.

See example here.

Simply add in your pages bogof_settings for Settings/Offers page and bogof_freelist for Free Lists page between square brackets [] like this: [shortocode_name].
Each shortcodes allows execution only to ‘edit_pages’ roles (Editors, Admin, Shop Managers). Subscribers and Customers are excluded.
These are the shortcodes you can use in BOGOF:




Put them between square brackets as shown here.

Yes, you can. However, if you’re using taxes (let’s say 22%) and you want to offer a 10,00 EUR discount, you will need to enter the amount BEFORE taxes (in this case 8,20 EUR). This is due to a Woocommerce bug in handling negative fees (discounts).

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